Company Profile

TEKE LED is a commercial LED lighting manufacturer dedicated to energy-saving high power LED floodlight ,for commercial ,sports and industrial use. TEKE focus on high quality and the ultimate one-stop LED lighting solutions to our clients over a decade since 2006,we provide customization for different needs. For instance, you can select the color temperature (the color of monotonic light or even become RGB for the whole structure), the Color Rendering Index, power of the light, as well as the beam angle.

TEKE LED provides Reliable Service for all our high power fixtures; we guarantee that the delivery would be on time, by arranging the smooth and trusty logistic company. During the transportation, we always resolve your enquiry, within 24 hours. Optimal technical assistance, customized product modification and flexible sales policy will be supplied on request. We always listen to our clients and understand their needs.

Should you be interested in our LEDs or exploring more, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome to visit our factory which is located in Shenzhen, and you are free to manipulate and test our LED lights!

Innovation Technology

Why select LED instead of other cheaper solution like metal halide? The price of the metal halide flood light might be lower than that of LED; however, the electricity bill afterwards matter. our clients saved 75% electricity cost after replacing the traditional metal halide by our LED light. Besides, the life span of LED is generally larger than the that of metal halide because of the difference between the intrinsic components has the exceptional life span of 80,000 hours and 5-year warranty that greatly reduce your maintenance frequency and cost!

LED lighting apart from the power and the lumen output, another vital parameter we need pay attention would be the ground reach ability. The performance of the LED light will be dramatically affected if we cannot maintain the high lumen output throughout the distance. Our experienced engineers tailor packaged the Cree chips equiped with the uinque DIWL lens make them can achieve 90% ground efficiency.

Excellent optical design,low UGR,no flickering for slow-motion image,widely used in stadium,sports field ,high mast lighting,light tower and ports.

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